About Canada Router Bits

For more than 40 years our company has been a cornerstone of the community. The history of our 40 plus years tells a story of dedication and a vision of unsurpassed customer service. Canada router bits is one of our new eCommerce companies that have the backing of all of our warehouse across Canada. Our first goal is to provide you with exceptional customer service and a product that speaks for its self. 1972 we opened our first tool company in Canada, since then we have expanded across Canada to become a leader in power tools / parts / accessories / and tech service questions. We are dedicated to the weekend hobbyist and full time professional, always striving to obtain our customers loyalty.


We truly are power tool people and have built our reputation on forty plus years of premium customer service. Thanks for visiting our new Ecommerce site and over the months you will see changes with more exciting product !


If you have any questions email us at sales@canadarouterbits.ca


– Greg

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